Cycle of Life

Life is a constant journey of finding and losing yourself. Sometimes you get to a point whereby you feel like you are getting somewhere, only to fall down and break. Life is kind of like the process of metamorphosis, but it keeps repeating itself. You find yourself, only to lose yourself. Then find yourself again, only to lose yourself again, and that is okay because you are human. However, do not lose yourself to a point of no return.

The secret is to acknowledge that things will not always flow, that life will get so hard you will want it to end, but  difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. You did not make it this far for nothing. The secret is to keep pushing. Master the ability to get up and dust yourself off after a big fall, you will be okay. It is alright to crash and burn, but that does not mean it is impossible to rise above your circumstances. Seek help when you need it, speak to someone you trust, because we need someone to catch us on our fall, I believe that is one of the reasons we are here on earth for, to help one another. I also understand that it is not so simple to just speak to somebody, but it is a process, but in the meantime, find something that genuinely makes you happy. Invest in the things you love. Invest in yourself.

I have also learned that sometimes we are our biggest enemies, and as much as there are people around you who could help you, you are the only one who can help yourself get out of that dark hole. Nobody but you.

Start by appreciating yourself, because there is only one you. ONLY ONE! You are magnificent, a masterpiece. Find beauty in your flaws, embrace them. Be yourself, unapologetically.  Once you embrace and acknowledge the light within yourself, it begins to shine through the lining of your skin.

Focus on YOU. Find YOU. Love YOU!


These are lyrics to a song that pulled me through a very dark phase;

I didn’t make it this far
Just to make it this far
This is part of the cycle
This the part when the flower starts to bloom after rain
And gets the nutrients it needs to grow again
This the part when the sun sets
And the night time starts to overload your brain
But the sun will always rise in the morning
I didn’t make it this far
(I didn’t make it this far)
Just to make it this far
(Just to make it this far)
I didn’t work this damn hard
I didn’t work this damn hard
Not to leave my own mark
This is part of the cycle
This the part when you lose something you work so hard to gain
But the universe will always have it’s way
To prove to you it wasn’t a mistake
This just part of the cycle
And you have to learn to move out of it’s way
And you’ll figure out the reason why someday
I didn’t make it this far
(I didn’t make it this far)
Just to make it this far
(Just to make it this far)
I didn’t work this damn hard
I didn’t work this damn hard
Not to leave my own mark
ALSO, the link to the song.
Remember, change can be sunshine, if you let it in. x
I am willing to share more if you have questions, concerns, or if you simply just need someone to speak to. Someone cares for you, please do not hesitate or be afraid. My email is in my bio. xx
Sending love, prayers and good vibes your way!


The Great I Am. How could Your existence be questionable? I have many questions about many things, but one thing I know for sure is that You are Great in all of the heaven and earth.

If the God I serve is not real, then I do not exist. God’s Love is so gentle, He does not reason like we do. So may we never question His sincerity, His holiness. We are all worthy, ALL OF US, no matter where we have been, are or will be. His Love is unconditional – a concept I am still trying to grasp and understand. I am in search of God’s heart, His most purest Love; to share with the world. I am in awe. I must say that this season must be one of the most difficult ones I have experienced. I have and still am experiencing a lot of “emotional turmoil” but I know for sure I will get out of it with a powerful testimony. It is a season of growth and I will embrace it with all of its glitches and hardships. What defines you as a person is not what you encounter, but how you deal with it. How can you let something or someone who does not know their own identity tell YOU who YOU are? The only one who can control your thoughts is you, nobody else. So what energies are you letting in and giving out?

We all go through whirlwinds and storms, but they do not last forever. Nobody gets through this life easily. No one has got it easy. Nobody. Many people have questions about many things that may confuse them. Why would God who created this world let all these terrible things happen to us? That is because of the enemy who has dominion over this world, however , God is still constant, still patient, loving, kind. The enemy sends us temptation in the form of people, things that are obviously desirable, wolves in sheep skin. The enemy wishes nothing but harm on our lives as children of God, even more so when we preach The Gospel. Do not be fooled! However, there is one thing that the enemy fears so much, the Word, the Truth, and that is GOD. So he does all he can to deceive us. He is already doomed and is now only looking for as many catches as possible to drag down along with himself – NO good intent in that. The enemy learns from your lessons even when you do not. He uses your own power against you. Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in! Let the radicals arise!

So why is it important to surround yourself with people who build you up? It is inevitable that the crowd you surround yourself with is eventually who you become. It is inevitable. The power of influence is so great! “..but should people of God not Love everyone around them?” The answer to this is YES! Of course, loving one another is one of the main purposes we are here in this world, Love is the only thing that can truly heal – God is Love. So yes, we show everyone love! That is the core of who we are. However showing everyone around you love is different from everyone knowing and being in your business. It is important to remember that we live in a cruel world, inhabited with people who have got unbelievably horrific intentions! Careful who you share your dreams with! The enemy’s only aim is to steal, kill and destroy. AGAIN, NO GOOD INTENTIONS! None at all. Our world is slowly moving into one that condones the foolish acts of the devil. That is absolutely hazardous! We live in a world where society rules and if you do not meet its criteria, you are not accepted. We need to grow in faith, we need to stand firm and strong because this world is not ours. We are constantly going in circles on issues in the world, when the real battle is a spiritual one.

I just want to share and testify that GOD is real and He is faithful. He is Love. So why would GOD who loves us so unconditionally, condone the cruelty of this world?             We need to understand that we are not of this world, we are heaven bound, spiritual beings and the world is merely temporary residence. The world is the way is it because of the enemy that rules. I am certain that is the only havoc causing force in this world! Humans instinctively have a heart of wanting to serve something of a higher power. We all serve something, who/what do you serve? I am unashamed and I serve the God of miracles.

God of creation
There at the start
Before the beginning of time
With no point of reference
You spoke to the dark
And fleshed out the wonder of light
And as You speak
A hundred billion galaxies are born
In the vapor of Your breath the planets form
If the stars were made to worship so will I
I can see Your heart in everything You’ve made
Every burning star
A signal fire of grace
If creation sings Your praises so will I
God of Your promise
You don’t speak in vain
No syllable empty or void
For once You have spoken
All nature and science
Follow the sound of Your voice
And as You speak
A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath
Evolving in pursuit of what You said
If it all reveals Your nature so will I
I can see Your heart in everything You say
Every painted sky
A canvas of Your grace
If creation still obeys You so will I
So will I
So will I
If the stars were made to worship so will I
If the mountains bow in reverence so will I
If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I
For if everything exists to lift You high so will I
If the wind goes where You send it so will I
If the rocks cry out in silence so will I
If the sum of all our praises still falls shy
Then we’ll sing again a hundred billion times
God of salvation
You chased down my heart
Through all of my failure and pride
On a hill You created
The light of the world
Abandoned in darkness to die
And as You speak
A hundred billion failures disappear
Where You lost Your life so I could find it here
If You left the grave behind You so will I
I can see Your heart in everything You’ve done
Every part designed in a work of art called love
If You gladly chose surrender so will I
I can see Your heart
Eight billion different ways
Every precious one
A child You died to save
If You gave Your life to love them so will I
Like You would again a hundred billion times
But what measure could amount to Your desire
You’re the One who never leaves the one behind
– Hillsong Worship – So Will I (100 Billion x)

If the God I serve is not real, then I have never lived, nor do I exist. Then I am nothing.



100 Billion times

Linked is one of my favourite songs! Enjoy! x

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One day at a time.

Even on a blue, terrible day, most likely feeling exhausted, drained and everything else that does not go with sunflower fields and rainbows. To many, I still appear to be as happy as ever. I am mind blown every time, so I just go with it. First of all, I’m not happy all the time. Happiness is just one of the many emotions I feel daily. There are nights I go to bed wishing for my soul to drift out of my body so I don’t have to feel anything anymore. Other times I am moody, confused, agitated, impatient… BUT! I choose joy. I choose to have joy in my heart despite the challenges I face. I have figured it out – simply choosing joy despite all circumstances changes something on the inside, there is a little light that can not be dimmed. Not even a little. That light makes all the difference. People feed off your aura and vibe. Just know that every moment you get to open your eyes, is an opportunity to conquer and seize the day! YOU ARE ALIVE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! That alone should be enough reason to get out of bed even when you don’t feel like it.


You are alive my dear.. alive. I set my sight on the things that are above me. I give it all to God. I run with tears streaming down my face and talk about the challenges. I question, I plead. Try it! I mean what use is it to worry about things you physically have no control over? Choose to be joyful. That remains constant even when your emotions get a little out of hand, and that’s totally okay! You are human. Do not deprive yourself of feeling, but do not let it run your life.  I hope you know you matter. I hope you know you are valuable and needed. There is a purpose for your life, bigger than you can imagine, own your magic. Use it. 




It is not an easy journey, but you are not alone! If you want to talk more, or if you have questions – anything all all. You are most welcome to comment or send me an email – Contact

AAAAALSO! Below is a link to a really cool song by Bee Gees – one of my favourite bands, they’re legendary. It probably does not relate to this but I was listening to the album as I was typing this. So enjoy! 🙂 xx

Stay alive! (so cliche)


Guard your heart, above all else.

“Stay woke.” Two simple words, powerful connotation.

You need to take care of your energy, and most of all your heart. You are soft, and beautiful, a work of art. Do not be naïve.  You wonder why your heart is constantly aching, blaming those around you. You need to stop and dig deeper, do some introspection. It is not the people around you, it is what you tolerate and what energy and vibes you let into your circle. It is vital that you watch who you let in because not everyone is good for you. That does not mean you should not be good to them. Loving someone does not mean that they should actively be involved in your life and your business. Take care of yourself, you are needed in this world and you need to be the best version of yourself.

Turn to God, ask Him for revelation. Pray against anything that may harm your spirit, protect and seal your heart. Ask and you will receive. Pray for discernment, so that when revelation and the answers you seek come to you,  you are able to identify them. Be so strong in your conviction that you trust God blindly, allow Him to work in your life, He will come through for you. We need to stay woke, it is imperative. It is vital. This is a cruel, cold world. Sleep with one eye closed, pray for your friends and family, and their friends and family. Realise that not everyone is going to be down for you and not everyone is going to treat you the way you deserve. Master the art of loving without expecting anything in return.

From discernment comes vigilance and from prayer comes wisdom. Let us live woke.


Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart. For everything you do flows from it.


No diamonds in the trash.

Hope. Such a powerful thing to have. Think of it as a light in the dark.

I know that life is hard right now. You wish so badly to just leave and not come back, all you really yearn for is peace. You wish that when you fall asleep at night, your soul drifts from your body and you don’t need to wake up in this terrible world again. You speak to God and hear nothing, but you still speak to Him hoping  for a response. You walk around aimlessly, yet you still tell yourself “Just make it through the day.” That’s hope. You are not as sensitive to the wind and the music around you as you used to be. You do not smile from your heart anymore, but you still smile hoping it will feel genuine, even though you don’t feel like it. That’s hope. 

Even through all the negativity, and even though times are tough, you are alive because you hope that things will get better – and they will! All you need is an ounce of hope, hold onto it as tightly as possible. Even though you do not feel like getting out of bed and taking that shower, make sure that you drag yourself out of that bed, and make the best of your day. Stay on your knees, stay prayerful. I promise you prayer is the key to spiritual power, a few words will do. God can hear the cries of your heart.

large (2).jpg

As time passes, you will see and feel the change. You will start to feel genuine happiness, things will begin to fall into place. Just be consistent and persistent, keep trying. You can do it! Do not stop at the halfway mark, the enemy knows you are getting closer and that is when he will strike hardest. Do not fall for the traps! Hang in there. You are so awesome, and you have a gift in you that nobody else has. A world changer! A force to be reckoned with. Keep pushing. You are so much more than mere flesh and bone. You are a being, being. Mind, body and soul. You are not just in the universe, you are the universe. How can all hope ever be lost when you are what you are? Better start realising your power and worth, you can not throw away such virtue. No diamonds in the trash.

large (3).jpg

Stay strong! x

Live your best life.

Just yesterday, my roommate and I were discussing this very topic, to ‘live your best life’. I think many people misunderstand this, Many think that living your best life means doing things you are not necessarily comfortable with. Which to a certain degree, is not wrong. To me, this means living purposefully, out of my comfort zone, trying new things. Things that will make me grow. Things that will make me a better person. Things that will allow me to live in Love, to show Love.

To me, living your best life doesn’t mean to go out every weekend, do hard drugs, etc. Basically, self-destruct. Living your best life means managing your time, spending time doing the things that genuinely make you happy, whether that is painting, dancing, writing, singing, praying, focusing on SELF GROWTH, and so much more! That’s what living is to me, because there is no other you, and there is so much that you can offer this world, and nobody else can do it like you. Discover your gifts and focus on growing in your gifting. You will be a force to be reckoned with! Remember you are a child of the light, there to illuminate darkness around you. Focus on apologetically letting your light shine and inspiring others by leading them out of the darkness. We are here for one another, and not here for ourselves. Let us live our best lives together. Make it a point this year that your aspire to inspire and be a light to those around you! Do not neglect yourself because you are such a complex being, there’s so much more to you that what you may believe.